Podcasting = Thrills

Hello to everyone!

This is a semi-shameless plug for Newspaper Hack’s podcast. Why? Well, I was on his show last time (although this post isn’t about that). I think everyone who reads the Bama ring of blogs should listen to his show. Give this man some support! He does a great job and is willing to talk about anything. Visit his NowLive page every Thursday night (I think) around 10:00 pm EST, which is 9:00 pm CST. We lived, we laughed, we cursed (well, he did more than I. I think I sound way too awkward as a curser). It was fun!


Join the JournoRock Podcast next week, where our special guest will be Albert Einstein!! ….What? Einstein is dead you say? Aw heck, we’ll try to get him on anyway!! Cubs win!

One Response to “Podcasting = Thrills”

  1. Newspaper Hack Says:

    I nixed those pods. My God, they sucked. Call back Thursday, though. And if we’re good and liquored up, maybe it’ll be good.

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