Saban Style Scheduling

So Nick Saban was asked a question the other day regarding who he would like to have Alabama play in the future. The answer:

“I’d like to play Notre Dame,” Saban said during a question-and- answer period following Wednesday’s speech to a packed room of members of the Rotary Club of Birmingham. “We played them three times at Michigan State and beat them three times. That was a great national game, it creates fan interest and TV will always jump on those games.”

Among the other teams he’d like to schedule, Saban named North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Penn State, and Oklahoma.

Bring it Irish! I’m personally glad to see this type of mentality. Saban may not be aware of it right now, but we’re already scheduled to play Georgia Tech and Penn State in the future. Maybe that means he’ll be around for that long after all. I also love the Notre Dame smack talk too.

I’ll play you and your little dog too!

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