My Hopes For The 2007-2008 Season

Here we go, another obligatory Tide Druid blog list.

Hope # 1: The Defense actually plays decent through most of the season. I don’t know how lofty of a goal this may be, but I’m there will be times of frustration for the Alabama nation regarding the defense. They will hopefully improve as the season rolls on.

Hope #2: John Parker Wilson and D.J. Hall combine for 1,500 yards. This can be done if the rest of the receivers can do their jobs and keep some of the attention off of D.J. Hall. I know Hall already has the single season record for receiving yards, but it would be nice to see a big time wide receiver come out of Alabama. I think it would really impress some recruits and help D.J. in the draft.

Hope #3: Alabama can pull out at least one upset. This could happen since most of our big games are at home. Depending on how things shake out, Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, and maybe Arkansas could be ranked higher than the Tide when they meet up. Of course, rankings don’t mean as much as we’re told. There is always a good shot for an upset in Bryant-Denny.

Hope #4: The team actually improves by the end of the season. We’ll all remember different things about the Shula era. One thing that always bothered me was the fact that every Bama team under Mike Shula failed to actually improve as the season went along. In fact, one could argue that the teams got worse as the season wore on.

Hope #5: Nick Saban eats a Dreamland rib on the jumbotron before running onto the field. I know Saban’s contract states that he doesn’t have to do certain endorsements. Having said that, I think he could really get the crowd pumped up when he steps out with a Dreamland bib and a plate of juicy, tender ribs that almost melt right off of the bone during the first bite. They taste so moist and delicious that….. uhhh, oh yeah….. Saban needs to eat a rib on the big screens.

Just consider it Nick

Hope #6: President Witt and Mal Moore play a game of NCAA Football 2008 for a crowd. I know some of you may read this and think I’m a complete idiot or I’m just trying to fill up space…. I’ll let you decide. However, I do think this would draw a crowd. We could have a $2 to $3 ticket fee to watch these two play that would go straight to charity. Plus, it would be funny to see the total pwnage Witt puts on Moore.

That XBox Live Gold package really paid off for Dr. Witt

Hope #7: Nick Saban puts his Dolphins gear on Ebay. Why keep it? He doesn’t need that stuff anymore. Plus, they could use the money to buy Miami a new QB.

Hope #8: I get an A in every class this Fall. Ok, this really doesn’t have anything to do with Alabama Football. But dangit, this is my last fall semester at UA and I want to go out in style! Maybe if I claim that getting a bad grade will let down Coach Saban. Then my professors could have mercy on me by bumping up my grades a few points.

Who am I kidding, my professors would laugh until their calculator batteries died. Maybe I should start studying now…


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One Response to “My Hopes For The 2007-2008 Season”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    re #3 Hope above, I actually hope that Bama does not upset anyone during the year.

    That will be hopefully because they will be favored in all their games (and win them all) due to doing so well in earlier games.

    Now, if they actually have to upset some team, I hope it will be early in the season against Georgia and thereafter will be favored in all their remaining games.

    But again this was a hope…And it is a favorable schedule, tough but most tough games are played at home and even the Auburn game is played in Alabama.

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