The Heir Apparent To Wells?

It appears that Mitch Gaspard is coming back to the Alabama baseball team as an assistant coach. Gapsard was the Baseball Coach at Northwestern State. Current UA assistant Joe Raccuia is expected to take a job at his alma mater, Radford University. You may remember that during Jim Well’s “retirement” that Gaspard was one of the candidates for the Alabama job.

I know I may just be looking into this more than I should, but I have to wonder if Gaspard is going to be the next Head Baseball Coach at Alabama. Will Jim Wells leave in another 2-3 years and hand over the job to Gaspard? I can’t say for now.


2 Responses to “The Heir Apparent To Wells?”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    This seems to be a hopeful sign for the baseball team. Our biggest worry might be that the team might start doing so well with Gaspard back that Wells might want to stick around a lot longer. Wells is still very young relative to retirement.

  2. Jim Barbre Says:

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