Come On Down! You’re En Fuego

Dan Patrick was rumored to be the front runner to replace Bob Barker on ‘The Price Is Right’. Well, it turns out that Patrick does not want to audition for the job, leaving the ‘Price’ producers searching yet again. They will probably hire Elaine’s boss from ‘Seinfeld’ if I had to guess.

What do I think? I say they should be considering some other options before hiring a C-list star. We want somebody that will bring something extra and exciting to the show. If you’re wondering, I do have certain personalities in mind.

Richard Scrushy

This one would be a bit of a reach. Why? Well you can’t really get a good glimpse of every single purple haired lady with the glittered encrusted “PIR” shirts via a federal penitentiary satellite. The ‘Guess How Much Money I Don’t Remember Stealing Today’ game would be a HUGE hit though.

Bill Clinton

Why Bill? I ask ‘why not Bill?’ Politicians and game show hosts have to have similar personalities (nice clothing, good hair, nice smiles, solid PR skills, etc.) Plus, I know he would excel as a comforting shoulder for the female contestants that don’t win the showcase showdown. If Hillary gets elected (Heaven help us), it would give him something to do….. other than that humanitarian aid stuff. He’s already a step ahead when you read this article.

Dennis Miller

I just want to hear him say “What Jeff Ament was to Temple of the Dog, you are to Plinko,” to a contestant. Other than that, I’m afraid most of his jokes wouldn’t make sense for some in the ‘Price’ crowd. The show would sink faster than Monday Night Football.

Paul Finebaum


Yes, Mr. Finebaum would be a very interesting replacement for Bob Barker. He doesn’t have a game show host personality, but I know he would do well with some witty comebacks. That and I know it is possible that he would recommend the yodeling Swedish mountain climber be replaced by a cut out of Mike Shula. The only negative would be having to see Shane and Bobby fight over who guessed the closest amount, resulting in Paul needing body guards.


Dwight Schrute (The Office)

You know you would watch the show if Dwight was the new host. Imagine the thrills and chills you would get for winning a Schrute Buck (the new legal tender of the show after Dwight forces them to accept it). This man can raise and lower his cholesterol at will, simply by concentration.



One Response to “Come On Down! You’re En Fuego”

  1. Todd Says:

    Jim: “Why would you want to raise your cholesterol?”
    Dwight: “So I can lower it.”


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