Things About Stuff… Yeah

Hello to all. I hope everyone is doing well, I certainly had an eventful weekend. Funny thing is, I think I got sick from my trip… happy days are here again.

In the world of Alabama sports, nothing of great importance seems to be happening. Cecil Hurt provides us with a good article about this recent Wells comeback and Mal Moore. Coaches sympathize with other coaches.

Brandon Wright may think that Michael Jordan doesn’t want any of him. He may be right, since he was traded for Jermareo Davidson and Jason Richardson. MJ wants some of the ‘Mareo.

Newspaper Hack provides us a indepth look into Southern Political fact and fiction. I smell a book deal coming.

I see that iPhone mania is sweeping the nation. Well, the part of the nation that can afford a $600 cell phone (excuse me, $599). I will probably get one in a few years, after the price has gone down and the technology is updated. The Ipod cost about $400 when it first came out. Now, it is better and smaller than ever at around $200. Capstone Report points out some things you should know about the iPhone (he also hates to stand in line apparently).

Although I cannot afford an iPhone, I can’t wait to get my hands on the new iRack from Apple:


2 Responses to “Things About Stuff… Yeah”

  1. Capstonereport Says:

    LOL, great video.

  2. tidedruid Says:

    Thanks. I always laugh when I watch this clip. There is another Mad TV clip about the iPhone somewhere.

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