Jims Wells Replaced By… Jim Wells!

Jim Wells is coming back. I can’t really say I’m jumping for joy after hearing this, but I guess this is better than not having a coach at all.

Personally, I think it was time for new blood. Jim still had a level of respect from many of the Bama fans, no matter what they were saying just after the season. Now, he’s gone and ruined whatever credibility he had with this flip flop.

At some jobs, they would call that retirement a vacation Jim.

So the all-time baseball wins leader in Alabama history is coming back, and the fans are shaking their heads…. or fists. I can’t tell really, I’m too busy finding a hole to stick my head in. Oh well, go get ’em Jimmy.


After thinking about this for a few minutes, I have a to wonder if Mal Moore gave his full effort on this coaching search or not. Could it be that after the football search he is still extremely worn out mentally? Is he refusing to admit that he needs to retire while letting his responsibilities slip? Was this Wells wanting to come back, or Moore asking him to stay around until he himself leaves? Please share your thoughts as well.


2 Responses to “Jims Wells Replaced By… Jim Wells!”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    Well I guess his other job fell through.

    What an idiot Mal Moore must be to even consider retaining Wells, two big embarassments to the university.

  2. WesCrimson Says:

    Okay, I have mellowed into indifference.

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