Finebaum & Winches?

It seems that Herb Winches can’t help but burn bridges where ever he goes. After telling Citadel Broadcasting where to stick it, he nows says that he doesn’t want to do his future radio show on WERC. Now he wants to do a show with Paul Finebaum, who has a contract with Citadel.

Two long time rivals (at least for the listeners) might be pairing up. Could these two men put aside their egos to make a radio show work? Would they be partners, or would Winches be the new sidekick? Can Winches deal with the constant calls from I-man and Shane? It certainly would be interesting radio.

I just wonder if these two men, who are both used to headlining their own programs, would be able to take turns being the lead on the program. I’m not claiming that they both have ego issues. But, you do need to develop some level of ego in order to pull off a radio show. Sometimes it is difficult to put aside that ego after years of broadcasting.

If Herb can drive off Shane and Bobby, then I’m all for Mr. Winches making the jump.

Finebaum Book

Required reading for the Finebaum Staff. Get crackin’ Herb.

In other Finebaum news, it seems that the Hunter Ford situation may be forced to resolve when the Hoover grade investigation heats up. It is more than likely that the grade scandal will become the topic of the month… I can’t wait.

I have to be honest, I’m tired of having to listen to people argue over a large scale version of “he started it first!” on the radio. It really isn’t being mentioned that much right now, but I get the uneasy feeling that we could be starting a cheating accusation war between Alabama and Auburn. Could this be like the 1990’s?

If you want to accuse one school of cheating, you are going to have to deal with your program’s skeletons coming out of the closet as well. Some people refuse to realize this. All they do is search every internet message board with a fine toothed comb, looking for the rumor that sounds the best. (I’m still waiting for UGA to turn in half of the SEC.) They believe almost everything they read. Yet when their program is under attack, they deny everything and scream that everyone is just out to get them because they are afraid.

I don’t care who started what, I just want football season to start. Behave children!


4 Responses to “Finebaum & Winches?”

  1. Capstone Report » Wednesday links Says:

    […] News and Paul Finebaum radio show included talk of a Finebaum combination with Herb Winches. Tide Druid wonders if ego issues might hurt the propsed duo. My thoughts? Herb is a nice guy, but he doesn’t have the same level of journalistic […]

  2. WesCrimson Says:

    Well Herb and Paul have had completely different kinds of sports shows. Herb always had a more serious sports show, when he ran out of fresh football topics he would go into other sports like basketball or baseball. Paul just normally turns to nonsense topics and callers.Herb’s cohosts have always been strong sportswriters or sportscasters whereas Paul’s regulars have generally have not been, and have been derided not only by Paul but also the callers.

    This would be an interesting change and it would have to have an “odd couple” approach. If Herb were physically restrained, the show could do well. The change would have to interest Paul, because except for the trips to the bank, his show has to be very boring for him after all the years he has been doing it.

    I know for me, a call from one of several regular Finebaum callers will send me down the radio dial for the rest of the day.

  3. Gloria Says:

    Will this get to Herb or is it just going to the blog? If it does, this is just a hello from an old JSU dance teacher. Glad to hear your still being heard. g/m

  4. Bob Haskel Says:

    Some great info up here, thanks man. You know Cataclysm is driving me nuts, at 1 time it was going to be released in Feb 2010, currently it is supposedly Nov 2010!

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