Bama Roadtrip: Starkville Edition

After the game verses Ole Miss, Alabama has two home games against Tennessee and LSU. Following those two home games, the Tide travels over to Starkville, Mississippi to play the Mississippi State Bulldogs. We all remember the loss to State that basically ended Mike Shula’s career. The best way to thank them for that is to, well….. beat them horribly.


About Starkville

Settlers were drawn to the Starkville area because of two large springs. A mill southwest of town provide clapboards which gave the town its original name, Boardtown. In 1835, Boardtown was established as the county seat of Oktibbeha County and its name was changed to Starkville in honor of Revolutionary War hero General John Stark. After the 2000 census, the city population was said to be 21,869.

Places of Interest

Mississippi State University has been spending some money recently to improve the visual quality of their campus. This includes starting a new tradition, The Junction (see a picture HERE). It is named by the students, and gives tribute to the university’s past connection to the railway that used go through that location. I wonder if it is a response to hearing so much from Ole Miss fans about The Grove. This is probably the best place for tailgating now, but there are plenty of regulations to follow.

Another new addition for MSU is the Barnes & Noble bookstore, which is in the Cullis-Wade Depot. This complex is right next to the football stadium, so you won’t be too far from tailgating. You can find snacks, Starbucks coffee, and most anything else you would want in a college bookstore.

If you want a souvenir that can fill you stomach, try the MSU Cheese Store (The MAFES Sales Store). I had a neighbor bring my family a ball of Edam cheese one Christmas… I’ve been wanting to get some ever since. They also serve peanuts and juices, which I have not had a chance to try yet. Their wide variety of products should please most customers. The store is located in the glass annex at the front of the Herzer Food Science Building on Stone Boulevard, about 300 yards south of Scott Field.

Food, Drinks, and Nightlife

If you’re interested in some nightlife fun, try Dave’s Dark Horse Tavern. This place is known for the pizza and jam band atmosphere. This is the site where Johnny Cash played before being arrested on his walk home, leading to the inspiration for the song “Starkville City Jail.”

If you want some BBQ, try The Little Dooey, a Starkville favorite. They serve Hickory-smoked sausages, chicken, catfish, and ribs (smoked, rubbed, battered twice, then fried and served with tomato-based sauce). Lee Corso seemed to love this place…. I’m not sure what that means.

Some people consider Sonny’s Barbecue to be Starkville’s best kept secret. I cannot find a website, but I do know that they are located on 16th Section Road. The only problem is that this place has closed its doors temporarily. Maybe they’ll be open by October.

If you want a good burger than you can get in Starkville and Tuscaloosa, try Mugshot’s Grill & Bar. If you can eat the Mugshot on location in the given time limit, you get your meal for free.

Another good place to visit for the nightlife is The Veranda. They serve both lunch and dinner. They also have one of the more popular nightclubs in Starkville, the Dawghouse Lounge at The Veranda.

If you like New Orleans style food, try Oby’s. They have four locations around the state of Mississippi, with the original location in Starkville. They’ve been around for a long time, so most people from the area should know this place if you need to ask. They claim to have a quick casual style, which is probably a good thing for visitors.

If you want a list of more places to eat, CLICK HERE.


After the game against the Bulldogs, Alabama comes home to play Louisiana-Monroe. That game will likely be over by halftime, giving us a chance to rest our guys . The next road trip is the biggest game of the year… THE IRON BOWL! With the 5 game losing streak, Nick Saban, and conspiracy theorist Auburn fans put together, this game will be full of storylines. The Tide vs. The Tigers, should be fun. Please stay tuned for my preview of Auburn, Alabama. That will be the end of my Bama Roadtrip series. Roll Tide.


3 Responses to “Bama Roadtrip: Starkville Edition”

  1. gorjus Says:

    As a Tide fan who went to State, I have to say that this is a good write-up. Dave’s is the best of Starkville–a little dark, a little rowdy, but filled with good folks, food, and beer. It’s also where I watched Bama beat Florida in ’99!! (The first time!).

    Haven’t been to the Junction yet, but a lot of old timers are frustrated with the already-onerous regulations and new hikes in RV parking prices.

  2. Starkville Suggestions « The Tide Druid Says:

    […] I suggest you go eat some MSU cheese…. it’s delicious. I mentioned this earlier in my Bama Roadtrip to Starkville post. Somebody gave it to my father for Christmas, and we ended up eating pretty much all of […]

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