Rivals vs. Scout Battle Continues

Well, I wanted to say the rivalry continues….. but that would look a little one-sided. Yahoo.com has bought Rivals.com, giving us sports nerds a more powerful Rivals.com. Yahoo didn’t announce the amount of money the deal is worth, so that might mean that it isn’t that much (well, for a corporate buyout).

What’s funny is that News Corp., which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, owns Scout.com. That would explain the FoxSports.com connection. I guess this makes another enemy that might fill in that Ted Turner void…. after he got ride of CNN that is. Claiming you hate AOLTimeWarner is rather impersonal.

Funny thing is that Murdoch wants to get 25% of Yahoo. If that did happen, would we see the merging of Scout and Rivals? What would we call it, the “YouShouldBePlayingWithYourKidsInsteadOfReadingAbout18YearOldBoys.com?” I wonder if Scout.com will ever do anything for Fox News, or even the Wall Street Journal? (if that ever happens). Also, Yahoo may be interested in Facebook.com, so keep an eye out on that.

So why does Murdoch want to buy something in every form of media today? Well, it is pretty simple really. Rupert Murdoch wants more money. If he doesn’t have it, he gets angry… very angry. You wouldn’t like Rupert ‘Bruce Banner’ Murdoch when he’s angry. When he is angry, he turns into a jaundice version of the Hulk. Here is a picture of Murdoch after his first proposal to buy the Wall Street Journal was rejected:





Link: The Wizard of Odds


One Response to “Rivals vs. Scout Battle Continues”

  1. bamahoops Says:

    I believe myspace and scout have merged.

    To get your point across on the scout boards going forward yOu WiLl HaVe To TyPe LiKe ThIs 4eVa!

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