Rivals vs. Scout Battle Continues

Well, I wanted to say the rivalry continues….. but that would look a little one-sided. Yahoo.com has bought Rivals.com, giving us sports nerds a more powerful Rivals.com. Yahoo didn’t announce the amount of money the deal is worth, so that might mean that it isn’t that much (well, for a corporate buyout).

What’s funny is that News Corp., which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, owns Scout.com. That would explain the FoxSports.com connection. I guess this makes another enemy that might fill in that Ted Turner void…. after he got ride of CNN that is. Claiming you hate AOLTimeWarner is rather impersonal.

Funny thing is that Murdoch wants to get 25% of Yahoo. If that did happen, would we see the merging of Scout and Rivals? What would we call it, the “YouShouldBePlayingWithYourKidsInsteadOfReadingAbout18YearOldBoys.com?” I wonder if Scout.com will ever do anything for Fox News, or even the Wall Street Journal? (if that ever happens). Also, Yahoo may be interested in Facebook.com, so keep an eye out on that.

So why does Murdoch want to buy something in every form of media today? Well, it is pretty simple really. Rupert Murdoch wants more money. If he doesn’t have it, he gets angry… very angry. You wouldn’t like Rupert ‘Bruce Banner’ Murdoch when he’s angry. When he is angry, he turns into a jaundice version of the Hulk. Here is a picture of Murdoch after his first proposal to buy the Wall Street Journal was rejected:





Link: The Wizard of Odds


Bama Roadtrip: Nashville Edition

I see many of my fellow bloggers giving great breakdowns of either the 2007 Alabama team, our SEC opponents, and everything in between. I recommend reading them all if you have the time. However, I have decided to go a different route. Since Alabama is going to be playing games on the road, I am going to provide to you a brief tour guide about those away game cities. I hope you find this helpful if you plan on attending any of these away games.

Alabama’s first stop is Nashville, Tennessee (vs. Vanderbilt), the Music City.


The first permanent community to settle in the Nashville area were a group of about two hundred settlers, led by James Robertson in 1779. They cleared the land and built a log stockade they called Fort Nashborough in honor of General Francis Nash. It was renamed Nashville in 1784 when it was incorporated as a town by the North Carolina legislature. The area was admitted to the Union as Tennessee soon after North Carolina ceded it to the federal government. It was selected as the permanent capital of Tennessee on October 7, 1843.

Some Things To See

One of the most popular shows in Nashville is the Grand Ole Opry. They used to play in Ryman Auditorium, but they moved to their new building on Opryland Drive. I cannot find any shows for the weekend of the game.

Speaking of Opryland, the best hotel in Nashville is The Gaylord Opryland Resort and Hotel. It is HUGE and has a wide variety of places to eat, shop, and many different gardens to walk through. Staying there can get expensive, but it is a place you should at least walk through one day to see.

Gaylord also owns the General Jackson Showboat. They have food and shows during the midday and nights while floating down the Cumberland River. CLICK HERE for menus. I saw a man named Tim Watson on that boat. He is goofier than most country singers, but he does play plenty of country classics with a band and a fiddle.

Gaylord owns a lot of stuff in Nashville. One place I hope they don’t own (I think they do) is the Country Music Hall of Fame. I’m sure Hank is in there for those of you who are big fans. Tickets for adults are about $18.

Food, Drinks, & Nightlife

Having been to Nashville many times, I’ve eaten many different varieties of cuisine. One place I always want to go to if I am in the area is Demo’s Steak and Spaghetti on Commerce Street in Downtown Nashville. They serve one of the best steaks I’ve ever had with the added bonus of spaghetti on the side. That’s right, spaghetti. They have been full every night I’ve gone by, so I recommend getting there a little early for dinner.

One of the most recognizable hot spots in downtown Nashville is the Wildhorse Saloon on Second Avenue. They have live music, food, drinks, the works. Be careful, this place is usually pretty crowded on a Friday night. If you’re under the legal age, expect a black X on your hand or a wristband (it happened to me). The cover charge Tuesday-Thursday is $4 and $6 Friday-Saturday. The cover starts around 7 p.m. They may have billiards by September too. (see the picture below)

One place I’ve always wanted to see, but could never get to it in time, is Past Perfect. It is located on 3rd Avenue South. Every Friday and Saturday night they have live music. This place is pretty highly rated on every Nashville food guide I look at. Reservations are recommended on most of the sites, just to let you know. Many of their entrees are $13+, but I hear the atmosphere is great.

There are plenty of places to check out in Downtown Nashville if you are looking for something different.

I hope this was helpful for those who are going to Nashville. It is a fun town to visit (I’m worried about how I should do Starkville now). My next Bama Roadtrip city will be Jacksonville, Florida. We’ll be playing Florida State that weekend. Roll Tide!