A Taste of Nick Saban: Part Duex

We’ve all heard the bloggers and the talking head in Alabama discuss Saban the coach over and over again. We’ve heard about the lies, the wins, the losses, the rumors, etc. But, we rarely get to hear about Saban the person, or about his family. I’m not really talking about what their house is like, or where his daughter goes to school. I’m talking about the human side of the Sabans. We’ve seen their public personalities, but we’ve never gotten a real chance to see Nick Saban in a relaxed environment.

This is the best chance to see Saban in that kind of environment. It is an interview at his lake vacation home in Georgia. I cannot post the video, but I will provide you with a link to a story about the Sabans. There is a VERY interesting video that is on the right hand side. It is mostly a sit down interview with Nick and Terry Saban that ran on the NFL Network (I think) when he was still at Miami. You may need either Real Player, or Windows Media Player.

The Saban Interview


Very Little Posting For Today

I have to work unfortunately. I’ll try to post later tonight, after I get this mountain of paperwork completed. For now, here is a public service announcement from Nick Saban (wearing funny colors).

Nike Favoritism?

As a ‘Nike’ school, I’ve started to wonder if they ever show favoritism from time to time. Well Bama fans, I have discovered a subtle sign of tide pride in the new Nike gameday shirts. I present to you… THE NIKE TUSK!



Just look at the patten that goes under the armpits and down the shoulders. It’s not smooth enough to technically be a swoosh, so I have to assume it is Nike’s recreation of an elephant’s tusk. Now every team with a Nike contract will be wearing the Nike Tusk. But don’t tell them, or else they might refuse to wear their shirts. A leak like that might be why Auburn switch to Under Armour last season.

It’s OK Nike, it’ll just be our little secret…. that costs $60.