Sometimes Phil Steele Is Right

I’ve heard a lot of criticism for Phil Steele’s recent 2007 College Football preview. Most of the criticism seems to be coming from the Auburn fanbase, which is understandable since they are ranked #41 in his magazine. Alabama on the other hand, is rated #17. Here is the actual list:

Phil Steele’s 2007 Preseason Top 50 (well, 41)

1. USC
2. LSU
3. Oklahoma
4. West Virginia
5. Michigan
6. Texas
7. Louisville
8. Florida State
9. Virginia Tech
10. Penn State
11. Georgia
12. Hawaii
13. South Carolina
14. Florida
15. Ohio State
16. Wisconsin
17. Alabama
18. Oregon
19. Missouri
20. Texas A&M
21. UCLA
22. Nebraska
23. TCU
24. South Florida
25. Tennessee
26. Arizona State
27. Miami
28. California
29. Iowa
30. Rutgers
31. Boise State
32. Memphis
33. Southern Miss
34. BYU
35. Purdue
36. Virginia
37. Arkansas
38. Notre Dame
39. Oregon State
40. Oklahoma State
41. Auburn

I don’t think Mr. Steele’s predictions are 100% correct, but you do need to be careful when you claim this man is totally wrong and off-base. He did predict Alabama as a darkhorse contender in the SEC in 2005. He also predicted the same for Arkansas last season in 2006. He does have a track record that is better than most, although it isn’t perfect by any means. I don’t know how he does nationally, but he seems to do well with the SEC.

So for now just sit back and lets see how this season plays out. If Alabama is anywhere close to #17 be the end of the year I think most would consider that to be a big time success for Coach Saban.


A Taste of Nick Saban

Here are some videos about Coach Saban while at LSU. It is amazing how much sucking up ESPN College Gameday truly did with Nick Saban. They adored him and made him out to be an amazing coach. Yet, after a stay with the Dolphins (consider the connection between Dan LeBetard and ESPN), he is now a horrible man that has a true disdain for everyone but himself.

During this video he has already arrived in Baton Rouge, but has yet to coach a game. This is a very interesting video when you examine the state of the LSU program. They didn’t want a coach that held hands since the last one did, they were suffering from a weak program, they needed a coach that was in charge of things, they were having player qualification issues. The similarities are very interesting:

Next, we have a video after a big win over UGA in 2003. This is the true ESPN butt-kissing at its best. But, you get a good interview with Coach Saban after a big battle. You also get a good taste of his football knowledge. Plus, he shows some personality here:

I hope to see some big things accomplished in the next few years. I also wonder if we’ll get to see a Gameday interview like this in Tuscaloosa someday. I’m sure that will be an interesting interview and crowd reaction after all that has happened. Roll Tide my friends.