Inside…Hawai’i Football? Yes, Hawai’i Football

So I was watching TV late last night, working on an html project for a filler elective, when I noticed the Hawai’i football team was on tv. It was for “Under The Lights” on FSN and they were preparing for their trip to Tuscaloosa. Some of the things Head Coach June Jones, DC Jerry Glanville, and the players were doing for preparation were interesting. The time before, during, and after the game caught my interest the most.

In fact, here is a Hawai’i blogger that has a post of the video. (I don’t think it would be wise for me to put a 40 minute video on my page for loading speed purposes).

Pre-Game / 1st Half

  • Jerry Glanville states that Alabama doesn’t have anything going but one offensive play. (He was probably right knowing Shula’s offense). They really aren’t that high on Alabama’ s offensive packages. But, they seemed to work against Hawai’i (a team not known for their defense).
  • Before the game, Glanville seemed to believe that they were going to take full advantage of Andre Smith playing since he was a freshman. If I remember correctly, I don’t think that happened.
  • Alabama is able to score thanks to dodging and breaking tackles.
  • June Jones looked depressed in the locker room during halftime.

2nd Half

  • June Jones feels like they are getting hosed by the refs, but when he challenges it gets overturned. He even complains about the headsets they were given.
  • Since the show is obviously about Hawai’i, they only showing Hawai’i making plays.
  • The show makes it look like Hawai’i only has two coaches: Jones and Glanville. I would like to see some of their other coaches talk.
  • Alabama is still able to score 10 points, but they really didn’t do much offensively for the last 14:00 of the game.


  • Hawai’i was a tough offense for sure. But, they should not have been in the game as late as they were in my opinion.
  • The brief moments of seeing Coach Shula really showed nothing important. He just said hello and nodded his head while June Jones spoke about how nice the new endzone looked.
  • It was VERY obvious that Jerry Glanville did not know his defensive player’s names. He just referred to them by their numbers.

This probably wasn’t an extremely informative post, but I thought it would be nice to see some of the stories behind that game. It could be worse though, I could have been live-blogging the NBA Finals.


2 Responses to “Inside…Hawai’i Football? Yes, Hawai’i Football”

  1. Nico Says:

    Glanville came off like a complete tool in that video.

  2. tidedruid Says:

    Well, the good news is he is stuck at Portland State for a few years.

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