Saban’s Contract And More

  • Crimson Chatter by Paul Gattis at has the lowdown on the Nick Saban contract details if you are interested. Click Here for his look at the document. (FYI, there is no buyout clause).
  • The Tuscaloosa News also has a review of the article, including a multimedia presentation. Click Here to see it.
  • LeBron James and his girlfriend had baby #2, naming him Bryce Maximus.Why not name the kid Leonidas? That way he could borrow your king nickname in the future.

Not much else is going on. Stay tuned for more. Please visit everyone I have linked on the side ———————–>


The More You Know

With a 3-0 series lead in the NBA Finals, former Alabama player Robert Horry is extremely close to winning ring number 7. If the Spurs are able to clinch a 4th series win, Horry would pass some extremely talented company. He is currently tied on the all-time ring list with Scottie Pippen, Bob Cousey, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Michael Jordan (who have 6 rings each).

Some of you are probably wondering where this would put him on the all-time rings list. Well, I have discovered the official list (according to Wikipedia). Here are the players currently ahead of him:

1. Bill Russell 11
2. Sam Jones 10
3. Tom Heinsohn 8
3. KC Jones 8
3. Satch Sanders 8
3. John Havlicek 8
7. Jim Loscutoff 7
7. Frank Ramsey 7

An impressive list to say the least. If The Spurs do win the 2007 championship, Horry would be the only player with 7 rings or more that did not play for the Boston Celtics. In fact, every single one of those players earned their rings during the 1950’s & 1960’s, the glory days of Red Auerbach and the Celtics. Most people don’t know all of this, but now you know….


Speaking of ‘The More You Know,’ I kind of hope to see this one make the rounds some day:

I know that the finals have been boring, to be honest I’ve only tuned-in to the last two games towards the end to catch a quick look at the score. But, lets just cheer on ‘Big Shot Rob’ to lucky number seven. The game will be starting around 9:00 pm Eastern/8:00 pm Central. Hopefully Rob will make history tonight, and save us all from the horrors of having to watch a game 5.