This Just In: Saban Is Nice To Children

Coach Saban made an trip to Wetumpka to evaluate talent during a spring football game. The article linked is from The Wetumpka Herald. He came to the Montgomery area after a stay in New Orleans. The main focus of his trip may get the attention of Auburn fans more than usual:

“He had several players on both sides he was looking at, but I understand the main kid he was here to see was a defensive safety for Auburn,” said Ray.

Coach Saban is not letting any of the recruiting violation allegations slow him down, which is very good to see. He understands that he needs to build-up certain areas of the team, and that is the most important thing for the coaching staff.

In a more shocking turn of events, it appears that Nick Saban is actually nice to small children. (I know, it sounded crazy to me too!)

Saban with child

Can this be? Is Nick Saban really not a hateful scoundrel as reported over and over again? He even went as far as to take pictures with the cheerleaders, wave to the crowd, and shake hands with the fans. How could this be? I thought this was the same coach that would cause the fans to suffer. I’m so confused right now!!

I may be the first blogger to state this in such a blunt manner. Coach Saban is not a bad guy. He isn’t the manipulative, cranky, selfish man portrayed by certain news outlets. I believe that Saban is a bit reserved, and has a fairly dry and serious personality. Mix that with a frustrated coach after his stay with the Miami Dolphins, and you have yourself a mix for a not-so-great media image. (well, that and letting yourself get backed into a corner and then giving an answer to get out of it.)

Could he use a change of personality every now and again? It certainly couldn’t hurt him. But, his personality type leads to a focused and efficient coaching style that has proven to be highly effective… and isn’t that what we really need?

In the end, Coach Saban may end up with a few minor media mishaps or controversies, but he isn’t the mean son-of-a-gun that he is portrayed as in the South Florida media. He is a football coach who is focused on doing the on the field aspect of coaching the best he can. Doesn’t winning always look better? To me, the answer is an obvious yes. I just hope he continues to do it in that flashy sky blue sport coat of his.


3 Responses to “This Just In: Saban Is Nice To Children”

  1. Nico Says:

    He’s been made into a pariah because of job he left (Miami), who he pissed off (Don Shula) and where he took a job (Alabama.)

    I repeatedly bring up Todd Graham bolting for Tulsa three days after signing a contract extension with Rice as the ultimate example of the double standard at work here. People talk about Saban bailing on Miami and not honoring his contract. Graham’s antics were infinitely worse and it barely got a mention in the papers because he left Rice for Tulsa and no one really knows who Todd Graham is.

  2. TonyOrlando Says:

    Complete dittos. Good stuff.

  3. WesCrimson Says:

    Despite being “Mooned” by the Montgomery Advertiser, Coach Saban owes very little to that supermarket tabloid. What can be said about a paper committed mainly to advertising?

    Coach Saban may well be over-rated and the support ( force multipliers in a sense) at Alabama under-rated a bit, but when the two are combined the results should make the Saban myth appear real and previously understated.

    Coach Saban sure did honor his contract at Miami and there certainly hasn’t been any legal claims to the contrary by the Dolphins. Coach Saban normally has a contract without a “buy out” or penalty clause for leaving before the term of the contract is over. That makes it a “year to year” if not “day to day” agreement which means he can leave anytime. At the Dolphins he was attempting to devote himself and his efforts at completing the season and the sport’s press was attempting to divert his attention. He certainly wasn’t obligated to answer the question or tell the truth about his intentions even if he had made a decision. He was morally, if not contractually, obligated to make his best efforts to win the remaining games and not cause the season to be “written off” by the players and fans. So he did honor his contract .

    Generally whatever myths the press creates it can and will eventually destroy. They might well be able to trim Saban’s reputation down a bit, but his efforts at Alabama will sustain him. After Coach Saban starts to win big at Alabama, look forward to the future attacks which will be that “Anyone can win at Alabama, just look at Stallings, Dubose and Shula.”

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