Dale Earnhardt Jr. May Join Hendricks. Dale Sr. Fans Weep Openly

It appears that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is about to make his big move. It is rumored that he will sign with Hendricks on Wednesday. It is speculated that Budweiser will follow Dale Jr. where ever he lands. Most of the hardcore Dale Earnhardt fans I know will probably be VERY torn after this decision is announced.

If you don’t follow NASCAR, Jeff Gordon drives for Hendricks. Most Earnhardt fans in the south hate Jeff Gordon with a passion only comparable to an Alabama vs. Tennessee game (after the Phil Fulmer secret witness stuff). If they are going to be teammates, that means that Dale Jr. will actually help Gordon be successful, and vis versa.

Will this make the fan based rivalry grow? Or, will it cause a lull in the hate Gordon movement?

I think it may be a good thing for the fans in the end. Here are a few ways to look on the bright side of things:

  • Gordon could introduce Junior to a Swedish model. That way, there could be a Dale III for fans to follow in the future, but with blond hair and blue eyes. Your future daughters will thank Gordon for this, I’m sure of it.
  • Junior can finally get his own Barbie doll… The next Tickle Elmo like craze perhaps?
  • Dale Jr. will become even more marketable than ever before. With Hendricks cash behind him, expect a lot more of Junior in TV commercials. I cannot wait to see Junior sell us a Pepsi product. (It burns for me to type this).
  • They could be the new Odd-Couple. Imagine the hilarious episode where Gordon misses his lip collagen injection because Junior accidentally washed the pair of jeans with the doctors note in them.
  • Together, they could take over the world! But, they would probably fail again and again. They’ll just be doing it for kicks when they aren’t signing autographs together. Who will be the smart one?


    So there your have it. Don’t get down Junior fans, just remember one thing. No matter how much you feel like Jeff Gordon whines, Junior will benefit from it too.

8 Responses to “Dale Earnhardt Jr. May Join Hendricks. Dale Sr. Fans Weep Openly”

  1. kindralore Says:

    I hate to tell you but Jr already has his own Barbie. I saw it at Walmart the other day right along side of the Gordon one.

    Big, big mistake if Little E goes with Hendrick MS. It will not go over well with his fans and he knows it. I also read a rumor that Bud may not be following him afterall and they may be staying with the #8.

    I feel sick….

  2. kindralore Says:

    And yes, I will “weep openly”…lol.

  3. Shiann Says:

    BIG – BIG MISTAKE. Have nothing good to say about hendrick racing or any of the drivers. Guess I will have to find myself another driver or give up Nascar altogether…….

  4. tidedruid Says:

    hey, you could cheer for Bobby Labonte like I do. A 12th place finish is cause for celebration nowadays. But I still cheer for the guy cause I like him and I kinda relate to him in a way.

  5. mjh Says:

    (Splat) Personally, I love this move. But of course, I’ve never been a Jeff Gordon hater. The only downside that I see is for the Hendrick haters (splat). Most of whom hate Jeff Gordon (and extension anyone who drives for Hendrick) because they mistakenly think that the “kid” somehow disrespected Dale Earnhardt Sr… by beating him from time to time. So (splat) Jr is their hope to reclaim the dominance of their hero and defeat their hated enemy.

    But now that their hope is on their enemy’s team? I can hear heads all over nascar land exploding (splat). And I love it. Because the stupid Hendrick hatred is just that: stupid. If this means that nascar loses those idiots as fans, that’s fine by me.


  6. tidedruid Says:

    I’m going to assume that the splats are heads exploding.

  7. mjh Says:

    Yes. If I could have thought of another more obvious allusion, then I’d have used it. I keep imagining the typical Dale Jr fan/Hendrick hater, and telling them: Dale Jr racing for Hendrick. Then, like the martians in “Mars Attacks” they put their hands to their heads, shake a little bit, then (splat).

  8. tidedruid Says:

    Such an awesome movie.

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