Jimmy Barnes Pulls A Guillon

…well, minus the finger pointing about favoritism part.

So Jimmy Barnes is leaving Alabama, seeking a transfer to a lower division school. This really isn’t that surprising when you consider that he is basically a sideline lifer at UA (He got plenty of free ball caps I assume. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me). I remember all the built up hype following this kid as he came out of California. Sometimes the star ratings don’t lie folks.

With Greg McElroy taking the 2nd string spot, and Nick Fanuzzi coming in to challenge for the 3rd string spot, it only makes sense for Jimmy to seek playing time else where. After seeing the guy play, I came to the conclusion that we would’ve REALLY been sunk had John Parker Wilson got injured…. even though 6-7 ain’t exactly living the high life.

Good luck with your future playing career Jimmy. I will be cheering for you where ever you land. I just pray that you’re the last over-hyped QB that decides to leave.


4 Responses to “Jimmy Barnes Pulls A Guillon”

  1. ramabama Says:

    I only saw this guy during warm-ups, but he always had more zip on the ball and accuracy than Mac did. I disagree that he was not a worthy back-up. I think he just needed more playing time to settle down and he would have been fine.

  2. Nico Says:

    I saw him play in a few open scrimmages and he was kind of blah. He just didn’t inspire any confidence whatsoever.

  3. tidedruid Says:

    This might also show that Saban is going after more athletic QBs.

  4. Saban’s Contract And More « The Tide Druid Says:

    […] seems my post was a bit off on Jimmy Barnes Guillon like leave. Read the Birmingham News story […]

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