Stadium Expansion So Soon?

In the Tuscaloosa News, AD Mal Moore hinted that he has had conversations with Dr. Witt about possible stadium expansion 4-5 years down the road. Read the story here. It is towards the end of the article.

With Witt’s goal of 28,000 students (we’ll end up with 30,000+ I imagine) and a waiting list of 6,000 for TidePride tickets, seats at the game are becoming harder to find. Naturally, most fans have been discussing this since the record A-day crowd, wondering if the South Endzone will be expanded. Many of the fans would like to see it sooner than later.

To me, the expansion will more than likely be done further into the future than previously stated. I just see a few issues making sure of that:

1. The street/cemetery behind the stadium is too close for a North endzone-like expansion minus the Walk of Champions and courtyard like area. This will take time and money in order to figure out how to structurally fit in an addition. That is also a busy street on campus with a large dorm, church, sorority houses, and smaller businesses.

2. Once we expand, there is really no place else to go. We could pull a Tennessee and push the seats closer together, thus fitting in more fans. But, that would really cause more problems than positives in my opinion. Let’s enjoy what we have for a while before we think about it.

3. Parking will be horrible. It is already horrible. I would like to see the new parking policies in action for a few years before wanting a new expansion.

4. The city of Tuscaloosa would need more hotels, since they’ve limited some RV areas. I know of the talk of building a Hyatt (or whatever it is), but that doesn’t seem to be on the fast track at all. If you also take into account the change the strip may still go under, you would have a logistical nightmare on your hands.

In the end, I really would like to see the south endzone expansion done. I just don’t see it happening anytime soon.


Jimmy Barnes Pulls A Guillon

…well, minus the finger pointing about favoritism part.

So Jimmy Barnes is leaving Alabama, seeking a transfer to a lower division school. This really isn’t that surprising when you consider that he is basically a sideline lifer at UA (He got plenty of free ball caps I assume. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me). I remember all the built up hype following this kid as he came out of California. Sometimes the star ratings don’t lie folks.

With Greg McElroy taking the 2nd string spot, and Nick Fanuzzi coming in to challenge for the 3rd string spot, it only makes sense for Jimmy to seek playing time else where. After seeing the guy play, I came to the conclusion that we would’ve REALLY been sunk had John Parker Wilson got injured…. even though 6-7 ain’t exactly living the high life.

Good luck with your future playing career Jimmy. I will be cheering for you where ever you land. I just pray that you’re the last over-hyped QB that decides to leave.