It’s OK Chad, Eddie Murphy Is My Hero Too…

…Well, not really.

Nothing out of the ordinary is happening in Tuscaloosa this weekend. The same cannot be said for horse racing after another man vs. horse race. But this was no ordinary race, this was Bengals WR Chad Johnson, who decided to try and prove how fast he was verses a horse for charity. Johnson won easily. I should note that Johnson was spotted a 100-meter lead.

After the race, Johnson was gracious, taking the time to thank the patrons of the horse track for setting up a charitable…. ah, who am I kidding, Johnson was his usual self:

“Floyd Mayweather, you’re next,” Johnson said. “I want to fight you. I’d like to take Kobe and LeBron one-on-one. Jeff Gordon, we can take a couple laps. … Now it’s my time to take over the race world.”

The funniest part for me was Johnson’s actual outfit


I bet Chad stayed up late last night watching Eddie Murphy Raw:


Due to obscene language and offensive material, the only Eddie Murphy purple suit clip I am allowing myself to show you is in Hungarian. I apologize to those Alabama fans that speak Hungarian. I understand your burdens and I offer you my support. Zsemlye Dagály Zsemlye!!! Bizonnyal Alabama!!