Time to Be Fair to Mike Shula

So now that most people have had some time to calm down and let their emotions settle, I feel like it is a proper time to bring up this topic.

Mike Shula needs to stop being blamed for so much garbage. I’m not asking you to go find your ‘Got Shula?’ t-shirts and start wearing them again (I know you have one buried in your closet), but just to support the man in his future endeavors and accept what his career was at the University.

Was he a good coach? No, not really. Did he do some good while at Bama? Yes, I would say he left the program in better shape than when he first got here. I don’t want to make excuses for what he did or didn’t do while at the Capstone, but there are still fans with great amounts of ill-will for the man.

I guess my main point is this: I won’t be making up excuses for the man, but I won’t be blaming him for every problem we had either. I just would like to see certain fans calm down and look at the last few years in a fair manner. And to be honest, I do think most fans have gotten over what has occurred, but there still are a few that don’t want to.

He is a former Tide player and an alumni of the University of Alabama. I’m glad he has a chance to continue coaching, I know he is happy as a football coach and I hope he is successful. He wasn’t a good fit at Alabama in the end, and I hope he comes to understand that in the future… at least I hope his father does.

Speaking of Mike, here is a video link of him talking about the Jacksonville QBs:

Mike Shula video


2 Responses to “Time to Be Fair to Mike Shula”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    Darn if Mike Shula didn’ t sound really good in that video of the news conference. But he didn’t look very happy, just serious.

    You are right TD, Tide Fans ought to be fair in respect to Mike Shula. Most people expected the Tide to do badly in 2006 with the small Senior class and the effects of scholarship limitations, but maybe win a couple more games since the schedule had already been weakened in anticipation of the problems.

    By the time Mike determined that he was in trouble after the Mississippi State loss, he tended to panic a bit at times and looked bad.

    Mike Shula was hired as a temporary coach to ride out the probation period. He was the perfect guy, who would want to criticize Mike for anything, even if it was his fault. What opposing coach would want to run up the score against him? First because he was a great person and second he might get fired. The pressure was kept off Mike and more importantly his higher ups.

    Still, I believe that if Mike was given another year, he would have had a 10 win season in 2007. A 10-3 season, still not quite as good as the 10-2 season in 2005. But it would be good enough to save his job. That is just what some feared, because they want to do much better and win SEC and National Championships, not just win 10 games and finish third in the SEC- West.

    What was bad for Mike Shula is that he redshirted a bunch of good players in 2006 that could have helped him win another game or two, if he knew that keeping his job depended on it and he had been willing to sacrifice a year of eligibility for the players and hurt the team longer term.

    Some might have done a better job, even Mike if he had not been too hard headed and soft hearted to fire some assistants early on. He could have used some help from the AD putting his staff together and a lot less advice from Ray Perkins.

    Thanks Mike.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Agreed. It’s definitely time to view Shula for wat he was. Truth is, he ran the program through the worst imaginable time in a squeaky clean manner, recruited reasonably well, and most importantly, got us in a position where we could go out and hire the guy we needed to take us to the level on which we’re accustomed (which we could not have done 4 years ago). Viewed in that light, you can’t really ask for much more from a temporary coach hired solely to stabilize a sinking ship.

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