Internet Hoax

If you’ve heard about Albatross the elephant, or the new stadium rules for gameday, don’t believe them. They are just internet rumors.

The source of these rumors could be the Piedmont Gazette , which appears to be a fake newspaper. The BamaMag message board area discovered this earlier in the year.

It is an interesting little spoof, but nothing more than a spoof.


2 Responses to “Internet Hoax”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    Well did you ever think that the real elephant mascot was suppose to be a surprise? When the news leaked out, it was decided to shoot down the leak as a rumor and delay the mascot’s debut?

    Now when the elephant comes rushing onto the field just before kickoff of the 2007 Tennessee game and runs by Tennessee’s shaking bench, it will be even a bigger inspiration to the Tide players and fans.

    So now when you see the Tennessee mascot Smokey flying across the field at times and with his tail between his legs the rest of the time, it will only be because really Big Big Al is back. šŸ™‚

  2. tidedruid Says:

    I suppose you could be right. All I know is if we are going to have an actual Elephant, I pray that the grounds crew will be paid overtime for cleaning up after the thing.

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