Time to Be Fair to Mike Shula

So now that most people have had some time to calm down and let their emotions settle, I feel like it is a proper time to bring up this topic.

Mike Shula needs to stop being blamed for so much garbage. I’m not asking you to go find your ‘Got Shula?’ t-shirts and start wearing them again (I know you have one buried in your closet), but just to support the man in his future endeavors and accept what his career was at the University.

Was he a good coach? No, not really. Did he do some good while at Bama? Yes, I would say he left the program in better shape than when he first got here. I don’t want to make excuses for what he did or didn’t do while at the Capstone, but there are still fans with great amounts of ill-will for the man.

I guess my main point is this: I won’t be making up excuses for the man, but I won’t be blaming him for every problem we had either. I just would like to see certain fans calm down and look at the last few years in a fair manner. And to be honest, I do think most fans have gotten over what has occurred, but there still are a few that don’t want to.

He is a former Tide player and an alumni of the University of Alabama. I’m glad he has a chance to continue coaching, I know he is happy as a football coach and I hope he is successful. He wasn’t a good fit at Alabama in the end, and I hope he comes to understand that in the future… at least I hope his father does.

Speaking of Mike, here is a video link of him talking about the Jacksonville QBs:

Mike Shula video


Internet Hoax

If you’ve heard about Albatross the elephant, or the new stadium rules for gameday, don’t believe them. They are just internet rumors.

The source of these rumors could be the Piedmont Gazette , which appears to be a fake newspaper. The BamaMag Scout.com message board area discovered this earlier in the year.

It is an interesting little spoof, but nothing more than a spoof.

SEC Additions

The off-season is a time of little college sports news. I view this as a good time to not only have jokes and news updates, but engaging discussion topics as well.

So today, I bring up a topic that has been brought up many times, but still interests many people. If the SEC suddenly need another team or two to fill out the conference, which ones would you pick and why?

For my picks I will leave out Florida State since most people always seem to pick them. You could really pick any team, but consider how well certain teams might fit in the conference. Here are a few I considered for my picks:

Louisville Cardinals

PROS: This is a team that has been fairly successful the last few years. Since 2000, they have an impressive looking record of 68-20 (.773). They’ve had some impressive talent on the field, including the Brohm brothers. The basketball program has the most tradition of the two, including 2 national titles (1980 & 1986).

CONS: They do play in the weakest of the 6 BCS conferences, the Big East. They also can attribute most of their past success to Bobby Petrino, who left for the NFL. Finally, they really have not been a true football school until recently, but then again the SEC isn’t just a football conference. They did just come out of C-USA also.

Clemson Tigers

PROS: The Clemson Tigers bring a dedicated fanbase, as well as a respectable football history. They would also make the entire state of South Carolina SEC country. Clemson also has a respectable rivalry with S. Carolina, Georgia, and (at one time) Auburn. They do have a football national title (1981) when for Tide player Danny Ford was the head coach.

CONS: The Tigers are not really known for their basketball. Adding Clemson would also give the SEC 3 Tiger teams (yuck). Plus, they really have not truly contended for an ACC football title in a long while (at least as far as I can remember).

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

PROS: Georgia Tech has was once a member of the SEC. The school has won a national titles in football, and has contended for one in basketball as well. The Yellow Jackets have a great natural rivalry with Georgia. But, they also have a history of playing Alabama, Auburn, and other SEC teams. They also have the oldest on-campus stadium in NCAA Division I-A football.

CONS: The Yellow Jackets have put out talent over the years, but they really have not been anything more than a good middle team in the ACC. Atlanta is not a natural college town either. Plus…. they are insects?

South Florida Bulls

PROS: Location location location. This program is in a prime recruiting location, which they are starting to take advantage of. The school is growing and the teams are starting to compete against the bigger teams in the Big East. They may even give Auburn a few problems this coming season. They are commited to creating a solid athletic department.

CONS: This school started playing football in 1997. They are probably no where near being able to hang with the top teams of the SEC year in and year out, but they could pull an upset or two every once in a while. Just way too young.

I had considered other schools as well, but this post is long enough. Out of these four, I would probably pick Clemson and Georgia Tech. Please share your thoughts and picks too, I love reading responses to my posts.