Attack of the Early 1990’s

If you ever needed another reason to never watch the Olympic games again, here is your ammo:

That piece of garbage is the new 2012 London Olympic games logo. I know what you’re thinking, why is this so important to mention? Well, not only is it hideous, but this logo, and a set of commercials, cost $800,000 to create. The creators of this logo call it “cutting edge”, claiming that London isn’t about cold corporate logos.

Let me get this straight, they paid $800,000 for something that is unreadable and looks like it was in style 16 years ago? No wonder people can’t stand the Olympics anymore. The games have become a washed up, over dramatized hyped machine ever since the Cold War ended.

Oh and the commercials that were created, they had to be pulled because they may cause epileptic seizures. You can’t make this kind of stuff up, I promise you. I’m not trying to become a negative blogger, but why in the world did the Olympic organization fall for this?

Oh well, it could be worse. The Olympics could give China the Olympic games. Wait….


One Response to “Attack of the Early 1990’s”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    Well the 2012 London Olympic games logo seems to be trying to tell everyone is that the games in London is on a very shaky foundation.

    It looks like everything is balanced on top of some wobbly Stonehenge type pillars.

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