CBB Munsters

Since the Billy Donovan situation is the story of the day, the obvious Eddie Munster jokes have come and gone. So, in an act of pure boredom (and a need to create posts), here are a few more Munster comparisons for you:

Eddie Munster- Billy Donovan (UF…Orlando…UF…)

The obvious match is the widow’s peak. However, most people are missing the boyish charms they share. It seems to be working on the Orlando Magic and most of the sports media. No monetary punishment for you, Billy!

Grandpa Munster- Mike Krzyzewski (Duke)

The nose is a big factor here. Both of them have rather large noses with a hook. They also both know how to mix amazingly strong potions, how else do you explain Dick Vitale being Coach K’s personal lap dog? A man crush can only go so far.

Herman Munster- Matt Doherty (SMU)

The flat top noggin is the key here, as well as a long squared head shape. Most people don’t know this, but Matt also models his style after a certain Muppet.

Lilly Munster- Pat Summit (Tennessee)

Just give Summit long black hair and she sort of looks like Lilly. And no, I am not just picking Pat Summit because she is the only women’s b-ball coach I know. I know of Pat Summit, Stephany Smith, and….. uhh….

The regular Munster girl (Marilyn) is a hard one to match… any suggestions?


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