2008 Schedule

Nico at rollbamaroll.com has brought up that the UTEP @ Alabama game in 2008 may have been canceled. I for one view this as a good thing. Not for the fact that we would not be playing Mike Price’s team with an ESPN pity party following afterwards, but that now we can beef up our non-conference schedule a little bit in order to keep up with the rest of the SEC in 2008.

I subscribe to the theory that you should at least have one marquee non-con match-up every year. It creates a buzz within the fan base and gives the players something new and exciting. Plus, it usually means a good TV appearance if both teams are any decent. With UTEP on the 2008 schedule, there really isn’t anything to look forward to with the non-conference portion, minus the revenge game on Northern Illinois (how lame does that sound?)

I would like to see Alabama at least attempt to schedule a one time match-up with one of the following:

Big 10

Iowa , Wisconsin, Michigan State

Big 12

Texas, Nebraska, Kansas State

Pac 10

USC, California, Oregon State

Big East

Louisville, Pittsburgh


Boston College, Virginia Tech, Clemson, NC State

I’m trying to avoid playing teams we’ve recently played, have already scheduled, or currently have a bit of bad blood with (I think Saban playing Miami would qualify as bad blood). I enjoy the games were we are able to just enjoy meeting new fanbases and have a good time before and after the games, like the Oklahoma series.

I just hope there is still enough time to approach another team. It may be a tall task to attempt to grab a BCS conference team for a October 11th match-up. But, this is all merely speculation, we don’t even know if the game has been canceled or not.

Please list some of your thoughts. What teams would you like to see approached? Is it probable that the athletic department is going to actually attempt a stronger non-conference opponent?


3 Responses to “2008 Schedule”

  1. Eightinthebox Says:

    My top three from your list would be

    Boston College

  2. WesCrimson Says:

    TD, All your selections would improve the schedule and are very good. The top three selected by “8” would be the toughest games, hopefully the Tide wouldn’t play them in the same decade. :0

    My preferences are slightly different and I would :

    Add OSU and PSU to the B10 and drop off MSU.

    Add Oklahoma to the B12 and drop off KSU.

    Just drop off OSU from P10.

    Just drop the Big East.

    Add FSU and GA Tech to ACC and drop VPI and Clemson.

    Michigan State would have a little extra motivation in an Alabama game than I would like. Also both Ohio State and Penn State would be bigger games and more popular with Tide Fans.

    Oklahoma will be back on the schedule, it is a popular game with Tide Fans. It would also be nice to win one.

    As long as Mike Riley is the head coach of Oregon State, I don’t think Alabama will schedule them. If you recall a few coaching searches back, Riley tried to parley the Tide’s interest in hiring him into a head coaching position at UCLA.

    Isn’t the Big East “Thursday Night Football?” I still don’t think they belong in the BCS mix.

    Georgia Tech as an old member of the SEC would probably still be a popular game with many Tide fans and Florida State with the Bowden connection is like a Penn State game atmosphere if not better.

    Yes Boston College will be a good addition if Doug Flutie will just go away, get out of sight for a few years, finally. 🙂

  3. bamahoops Says:

    UNLV would be at the top of my list. Las Vegas wouldn’t know what hit them with 30K+ Bama fans in town. I know it’s not a marquee matchup, but it would be sweet.

    As for marquee… I’d like A&M despite the fRan factor. The media would blow this game up.

    Also, give me Rutgers from the Big East and Oregon from the PAC-10.

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