Everyone, go buy Chiefs gear…. NOW!!

Brodie Croyle is being set up as the new starting QB in Kansas City. I can’t remember the last time we had an Alabama QB actually start a game in the NFL. He may not have been a legend among legends, but Brodie did a heck of a job when you consider what the situation was at UA and his injuries. He was a heck of a QB in Tuscaloosa.

He still technically has a ways to go to be the official starter, but all of the news coming out of Missouri points towards him getting the starting job.

It also seems that Croyle has changed his number back to #12:


Good luck Brodie, I hope you are successful in your pro-football ventures.


One Response to “Everyone, go buy Chiefs gear…. NOW!!”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    Yes for awhile we have had some good quarterbacks from Alabama make it into the NFL that the University missed out on and that has been the absolute worse thing that can happen. Rivers and Russell are two relatively recent Alabama born quarterbacks that the Tide missed out on and they ended up in the NFL.

    Hopefully Brodie Croyle can step up his game and make it into the starting position.

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