Billy Ball Back in Gainesville

Remember all that stuff I talked about involving Billy Donovan’s departure to the Orlando Magic? Forget it all. Billy is going back to Florida.

The water tastes funny over here, Iā€™m going back to Gainesville!

Maybe the water in Orlando tasted funny?



Now the Magic are acting like they don’t know what they want to do yet. They may still try and keep Billy D. Watch the web for further updates since this is the most interesting thing of the day in sports.



2 Responses to “Billy Ball Back in Gainesville”

  1. Nico Says:

    I lived in Orlando for two years. The water is incredibly funny tasting. I became a bottled water fiend down there because you couldn’t drink the city water.

  2. tidedruid Says:

    I know what you mean. My older sister lives in Orlando. Every time I go to visit I try to drink anything BUT water down there. I’m glad somebody got the joke šŸ™‚

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