Discussion Time

So the Shereport Times has printed some interesting articles since the SEC Spring Meetings started. Here are a few quotes I found interesting:

Who do SEC fans hate?

1. “The next Steve Spurrier? It’s Nick ‘Satan,'” answered veteran SEC writer Ron Higgins of the Memphis Commercial Appeal quickly with a devilish grin. “When you’re making $4 million a year, people want to see it blow up in your face. Fans and a lot of other people are asking, ‘Is he really that good?’ Every time Alabama gets beat, it’ll be, ‘We beat the $4 million man.'”

2. Fulmer made his feelings clear about Saban, whom he sparred with about recruiting practices through the media back in 2000. In 2001, Saban’s No. 21 Tigers upset Fulmer’s No. 2 Vols in the SEC Championship Game and ruined Tennessee’s plans to play Miami for the BCS national championship.

Asked if he was excited to have Saban back in the league, Fulmer said, “No. I’d rather he stayed somewhere else. He’s a great coach. He’ll do a great job.”

Here is the Second article:

SEC football coaches get along fine

1. “I haven’t seen a lot,” said LSU athletic director Skip Bertman, who was beyond the doors in a meeting with the 12 coaches and the 12 athletic directors on Wednesday.”Tommy Tuberville (Auburn coach formerly at Ole Miss) and Ed Orgeron (Ole Miss coach) were play fighting today,” Bertman said as he playfully put up his fists. “But nothing really. Nick (Saban) and Les (Miles) were cordial.”

Another coach said Saban, who is in his first year as LSU-rival Alabama’s coach, and Miles, who replaced Saban at LSU in 2005 when Saban went to the Miami Dolphins, were more cold than cordial. Miles’ comments to reporters Wednesday outside the doors at a noon break from the meetings added credence to that description.

“We’re discussing the same agenda,” Miles said. “To me, it (Saban) is just a guy that’s representing the other school.” Asked about what kind of a relationship he has with Saban, Miles said, “Never knew him before. Have no real relationship with him. Have none still.”

2. …But then Saban walked by, gave a friendly hello and told Richt he had recently been in an Athens, Ga., nightclub to watch his son Nicholas Saban’s band play and said he noticed a lot of Georgia’s football players at the club.

Richt was obviously taken aback by the comments. Was Saban kidding? Does Saban, who spends a lot of off time in north Georgia on Lake Burton, realize that Richt just lost Parade All-American, redshirt freshman linebacker Akeem Hebron? Hebron just transferred after being suspended for two semesters following a pair of recent alcohol-related arrests.

Richt had no comment, but witnesses said he did not appear cordial and seemed angry.

What are your thoughts on the articles? How do you think Saban is really thought of by the other coaches? Please leave a comment!


9 Responses to “Discussion Time”

  1. WesCrimson Says:

    Well both these articles are very interesting and informative, but are from partisan LSU sources and must be taken “with a grain of salt.”

    In respect to Coach Saban’s comments to Georgia’s Mark Richt about the Georgia players at the club where Saban’s son was playing in his band. Well in the off season, the players 21 and over can pretty much do what anyone else can do legally. So Coach Richt would not have any reason to get mad when Saban mentioned meeting some Georgia players at the lounge. Saban probably even talked to them, because unless Saban had recruited them while at LSU or Alabama, they would have come up to Saban. Or the Georgia players may have introduced themselves to Saban’s son, asking him if he was the Coach’s son.

    More than likely Coach Richt was reacting to LSU fans, officials or reporters crawling across the floor in front of him and listening to his private conversations.

  2. crbama Says:

    Saban’s kid is in a band?

  3. tidedruid Says:

    Yes, he is in a band. I think he goes to college at a smaller Georgia university. Nicholas Saban is more into music than what his dad does, which Coach Saban has supported all the way.

  4. WesCrimson Says:

    Okay TD, now where does the Saban’s daughter attend college?

    That is an under-reported little fact.

    I don’t know for sure.

  5. tidedruid Says:

    I have not read anything on her. Coach Saban has mentioned his son before.
    FYI, when I say “I think” I’m not saying that it is set in stone.

  6. WesCrimson Says:

    Sorry TD, but I see now, that Coach Saban’s daughter Kristen Saban is about 15 years old and should be just starting high school. So she has a few more years before college.

  7. Ksab Says:

    im 17…not 15 and i’m a junior in HS. that leaves 2years.

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