The Saban Rule

So the SEC is now proposing a rule change that CNN has dubbed the “Saban Rule”. During the April 15- May 31 period coaches are currently not allowed to have extended conversations with high school players. With the Saban Rule, coaches would not be allowed to visit the schools at all for on site evaluations. The SEC doesn’t want to see its coaches under fire for a stupid rule ever again, so they are proposing this rule.

I really don’t think anyone BUT Nick Saban will be under fire for “breaking” this rule. After the so called ethnic slur and this violation issue, it is extremely obvious that Nick Saban is going to be under attack from the Miami area media for the rest of his career. If you ever want to see yellow journalism at its worst, you don’t have to go far if you live near South Beach.

I also find it funny that the only coach the AJC can find a quote from on this topic is Tommy Tuberville. However, I do understand his statement to a degree. It probably won’t get passed.

It does seem rather odd that a coach can visit and evaluate a player, but never really talk to him. Slive’s statement makes the most sense to me:

“It just puts our coaches in difficult position with a rule that is hard to enforce,” SEC commissioner Mike Slive said.

In other news…. it might rain sometime in the next few days! WOOO! Enjoy your weekend folks.


5 Responses to “The Saban Rule”

  1. Wes Says:


    Yes why not take a “stupid rule” and make it stupider. 😦

    The presidents must have come up with this gem.

  2. tidedruid Says:

    I must state that I agree with it for the simple fact that you should either have it one way, or the other… no in between. If you can visit, but not talk, that just seems rather stupid to me. Either let them talk or don’t. Let’s not try to pretend that everything is going to be by the rules the way it is.
    I should have stated that earlier, but maybe I was too busy looking at the large bill I just received to get a few simple filters changed in my car.

  3. Wes Says:

    Gee TD, I don’t think I would refer to the rule by a coach’s name because then you are spreading something negative about the coach that has not been proven and if even so proven, violation of the rule’s limits might be even more pervasive among the college coaching profession.

    The idea is for a coach to go around spread goodwill and promote his program and evaluate Junior players during this limited period of time between April 15 to May 31. He can have limited contact with a player(best in public) and talk in general terms and small talk. But asking a player about what position he plays and telling him that his team always needs good people in that position is small talk for people serious about football.

    Allowing a college coach to promote football is good for the game and provides some kids the opportunity to meet and greet the head coaches that they might not meet in the normal recruiting period. This process helps the smaller universities that do not have the same exposure ( TV , print, etc.) as say SEC schools. So maybe the SEC proposed rule change to disallow these limited visits is not as “high minded” as you might first think.

    That region of Florida in the South and on the Atlantic coast is the most leftist and politically radical area of Florida. From the presidential vote counts to harassing head football coaches, you can always count on them doing something abnormal including legally pursuing Russ Limbaugh on his shopping drug prescriptions. A great many of these local residents have moved down from the northeastern states. Generally many of the top players in this region participate in the annual Miami and Florida International brawl in which during breaks, a football game is played. This whole region should be ignored as often as possible.

  4. WesCrimson Says:

    Oh here is a bit more on this “bump” rule from Cecil Hurt at Looks like all the coach can do is say hello and maybe hug the recruit. 🙂

    “The ‘bump’ rule is officially NCAA Bylaw 13.02.3. It’s one of those rules that is, as Hamlet once put it, ‘more honored in the breach than the observance.’ Here is the part of the rule that has gotten undue attention this week:

    ‘(An) institutional staff member or athletics representative who is approached by a prospective student-athlete or the prospective student-athlete’s parents, relatives or legal guardian(s) at any location shall not use a contact, provided the encounter was not prearranged and the staff member or athletics representative does not engage in any dialogue in excess of a greeting and takes appropriate steps to immediately terminate the encounter’. ”

    See Cecil Hurt’s complete column at

  5. WesCrimson Says:

    As I have recently read on some of the sport’s sites, the proposed change of the “bump ” rule may actually be pushed more by most of the SEC head coaches who are more inclined to occupy themselves in charity golf tournaments and relaxation and send the assistant coaches out each year to visit the high schools between April 15th and May 31st, to check out prospects ( reviewing films and records and talking with the high school coaches) as Coach Saban was doing in South Florida recently.

    So a Saban or a Spurrier would both be able to stir up a high school campus with a visit and most other SEC coaches might not attract that much attention. And Florida remains the most talent rich recruiting grounds in the SEC and probably the nation.

    Saban may well wear all the other head coaches out with his work ethnic. I don’t think Saban was the first head coach to make these trips, but he sure has been the most publicized.

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