King James

The biggest story in the sports world last night was the Billy Donovan story. However, LeBron James did some amazing stuff this last night as well. Scoring the last 25 points for the Cavs (and 29 of the last 30), James single-handily beat the Pistons 109-107 in 2OT. James, a 22 year old prospect that came from high school, is starting to do some monumental things less than 4 years out of high school.

Watching the performance from last night, I felt excited and weird at the same time. I was excited to see a superstar emerge that the NBA truly needs in the Eastern Conference. I felt weird because I am the same age as LeBron James (22 years old this past April) and I make less than the newly proposed minimum wage at my part time job (I am a college student, just to let you know).

It is amazing to see how this country expects athletes my age and younger to be superstars out of the gate. People twice my age were expecting this from James almost as soon as he got into the NBA. They also worship the ground 18 year olds walk on when it comes to college recruiting (Julio Jones, please come to Alabama!). Andre Smith literally had the entire state of Alabama eating out of the palm if his hand on signing day when he pulled out the Bear Bryant style houndstooth hat.

We recognize the talent is there, but sometimes we fail to remember that some of them are still kids at heart. What were you doing at age 18? I was watching movies and worried about the next video game I would play, among other things (I can’t wait to play NCAA football 2008 btw).

But some of these players want the prime time attention, so we give it to them. The world is just funny that way I guess. For now, I’ll just go home, hang out with my girlfriend, and maybe play my PS2… I can’t afford a PS3 yet. I bet LeBron can.


One Response to “King James”

  1. Wes Says:

    Well I was a bit disappointed that Lebron James did not play college basketball, but thankful that he did not compete against the Tide.

    Of course he is doing good against all those older guys. Let see how well he does at 30. Of course he could retire well before that. Okay he is really good. Ha. 🙂

    I agree with you on Julio Jones ( 5 star receiver prospect). Right now he is not announcing a favorite team, probably so that he can retain the high level of interest in him and take some good trips. Well just like Andre Smith was able to do before announcing his decision to come to Alabama.

    I read somewhere that he had attended camps at Auburn and LSU. But indicated at an earlier point he liked Alabama and Oklahoma better than Auburn after visits to each. But it is way early on this one. Look for a last day announcement at the high school.

    I noticed that USC was recruiting him too and was really hoping that was South Carolina, but no it is Southern California. Hopefully J.J. will want to play close to home in Alabama, but maybe in a larger city, but not the largest, but still close to the largest. Ha. 🙂

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