Does America Really Want More Pro-Football?

Mark Cuban, current owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, has recently started talking about creating another pro-football league that will attempt to piggy back off of the NFL’s ratings dominance. He feels that if they were to play on Friday nights that they could very well become a success. After seeing countless failures spring up since the success of the AFL, I asked myself “Does America really want more pro-football?”

To me the answer should be an obvious NO. The NFL is successful for more than the love of the game. The NFL is successful for its leadership, marketing power, image, and money. No other professional sports league can compare to what the NFL front offices, and head office, can offer. None of the “Big 4” leagues can compare to the NFL. Even NASCAR, a once one dimensional sporting event, draws in higher ratings than the NBA, NHL, and MLB. While the NFL may not be perfect, it is the best sports option out there in todays television market.

The NFL is also smart enough to know that trying to take away from other forms of football will only hurt itself. The league never plays on Friday nights for one reason only, to never take away from high school football. The NFL is bright enough to realize that trying to compete with High School and College football will only limit the number of viewers for their games. In Mark Cuban’s league, they plan to play on Friday nights only.

In my opinion, Mark Cuban should try to compete with other pro-leagues, instead of the NFL. If you look at the number of former pro-football leagues, you would be amazed. The NBA battles lower ratings due to image problems and a long season, same for MLB and the NHL. People are rather apathetic towards these 3 other leagues now. If somebody were to try and actually create a league with some solid leadership and marketing, they could easily take the disenfranchised fans and become the AFL version of that sport. Wasting your time on attempting to steal from the NFL will only end in failure, just ask Vince McMahon.

However, if the NFL is not careful, it too could suffer from an image problem. More pro-football players are experiencing legal problems that ever before it seems. The Pac-man Jones and Michael Vick issues are the top headlines of the month, more important than the NBA finals. If Cuban is depending on the NFL suffering from an image problem in order for his league to be successful, he needs to reassess his plan. For now, the NFL is still the king of the sports world.

6 Responses to “Does America Really Want More Pro-Football?”

  1. Wes Says:

    In respect to a new professional football league, I am almost sure Birmingham will get a team or serious consideration. I don’t believe Birmingham has missed many bad opportunities.

    But then again the best chance for success for a new football major league might dictate that if they stick with eight teams, they will probably want to locate in the major metro areas with large TV markets and need to get a good TV contract. Long term success will depend more on revenue from the TV contract and ratings, than attendance at the game. ( Best bets might be Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, NYC, Chicago, LA, Philadelphia, Miami with back-ups as needed in Washington, Detroit, Phoenix, St. Louis and Tampa. Of course this is only a guess as to locations selected, but these are most of the larger metro areas.)

    With the high salaries being paid to top prospects and established players in today’s game, this will be a difficult and expensive task. But this is still a very interesting idea.

    Anyway, everyone knows that Friday night is high school football night in South.

  2. Todd Says:

    If there’s a new football league being considered, then the “BIRMINGHAM NEEDS A DOME!” politicking should start right about ….

  3. tidedruid Says:

    As long as they are better than the Bolts, I may be ok with it.

  4. Wes Says:

    Yes TD, but it will be difficult to top the Bolts 2-8 single season. Too much to hope for. Ha. 🙂

    Unfortunately Todd, I believe the last dome proposed is doomed and if I recall correctly, it was only like a 40,000 or so seat facility. It might be a good starter location, but the more established NFL stadiums are in the mid 50,000’s range and larger. Tide Druid would probably know more about that though, I am not a big pro fan.

  5. Wes Says:

    Thanks TD, very good info.

    All the current stadiums in use have at least 60,000 capacity. Many of the stadiums are not domed.

    Well if Birmingham is even considered, it ought to be on the basis of using Legion Field and if the franchise is successful then maybe a new stadium can built later.

    Birmingham may only need a little gray paint for now

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