Houston, you Nutt

It seems that Arkansas Football Head Coach Houston Nutt is using Alabama as a recruiting tool. Yes, the University of Alabama. Our Spring Game is benefiting somebody else:

Pick chose Arkansas of the Southeastern Conference over Kansas and Iowa State of the Big 12, Colorado State of the Mountain West, and Southern Methodist and Rice of Conference USA.

“Arkansas is a big-time program,” Pick said. “The first question they asked me was ‘How would you like to line up against Alabama in front of 92,000 fans.’ I said ‘I’d love it.’ I think the Southeastern Conference is the toughest conference to win and there are some great teams.”

Nutt is also apparently letting his recruits hear what they want to hear:

“All three of us were just blown away after we got back to Dodge after the visit (to Arkansas),” Pick said. “We saw all of the championships they had and they went through the (SEC Western Division) undefeated. They made us feel comfortable.”

Went through the SEC West undefeated? Was Houston Nutt awake during the LSU-Arkansas game last season? Or was he too busy planning his next 2 dozen text messages about how to get rid of Gus Malzahn (or about when he should visit his sugar-momma). I guess when you’re under as much pressure as Nutt you will probably forget one or two ‘minor’ things, like a loss or the 3 game losing streak to finish out the season.

In the end, it is more of a complement than anything else. Talking about Alabama at the beginning of a recruiting conversation means that they view us as a big time program. We’re seen as a threat. So I guess I should be glad that we’re getting a lot of respect again. Oh well, Roll Tide and Woo Pig Sooie


One Response to “Houston, you Nutt”

  1. Wes Says:

    Good article and comment.

    Coach Nutt can sweet talk and sign some good prospects, but how long can he keep them is now the new question.

    Coach Nutt also seems to thrive under the pressure of losing his job. So the Hogs have a good chance, along with three other teams, to win the SEC-West in 2007.

    Well Coach Nutt probably used fancy wording in explaining like ” Last year, we were undefeated in the SEC when( pronounced fast sounds like a “n”, listener could interpret it as either “and” or “when”) we cinched the SEC-West title. Well either way it was true at that point in the season. Wasn’t it just a nine game season in 2006?

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