Memorial Day Notes

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday with their family and friends. Try and thank at least one Veteran if you can.

Well Alabama was left out of the baseball bracket today. Hopefully we will have some better pitching in 2008 so this won’t happen again. Yet another let down for Alabama athletics this year. I pray that the 2007-2008 season is much much better, because I can’t take watching my school struggle for too long. But then again, I have done it over the last 10 years with Alabama football, so maybe I can handle it.

Keep Marquise Hill in your prayers. The former LSU player fell into Lake Pontchartrain during a very strong current while on a jet ski yesterday. He has yet to be found. He was a part of Coach Saban’s teams during the 2003 national championship season.

Don Shula is bashing Alabama and Saban AGAIN!! He discussed it with Ben Maller. Yes, we understand you’re miffed after what happened, it has already been discussed over and over again. Why don’t you go eat some more fat free lasagna and try teaching your son how to coach? Good grief, this got old 2 months ago.

I guess Terry Bowden is afraid of tigers, even though he coached them for 6 seasons. But Mike V had him on the runs:

Back in 1993, in my first game in Baton Rouge, La., as the head coach at Auburn, he scared the hell out of me with about the loudest roar I’ve ever heard seconds before we were to run out of the tunnel for the game. There is an old joke about wearing red coaching pants on the sidelines during a tough game because of how bloody it was going to be and not wanting to alarm the players. Well, let’s just say, I could have used some brown pants on the sideline that day. …

I’m trying my hardest not to make a joke about Terry and phone books…. but it is really tough. But for now I wish you and everyone out there a happy Memorial Day!! Thank you Veterans and current soldiers!


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