Saban Violations vs. Auburn Grade Changing

What an eventful week it how turned out to be. If you are unaware of the accusations against Nick Saban click here

It seems that while on a recruiting trip to South Florida, Nick Saban got into some ‘trouble’. He was initially greeted like a rockstar by the people in the school. The purpose of the trip was more than likely to just make some standard assessment of the players mentioned. When he saw the players, Saban apparently had more than just a “Hi, how are you?” with the players.

While this really isn’t anything to be concerned about, it has made the usual rounds in the national media. ESPN has already mentioned the story more than once since lunchtime. I’m really not surprised to see this happen. The name Saban mixed with recruiting violations is going to set off a nuclear explosion. What really gets to me though are the people who attempt to make this more than what it is, a minor blip on the radar. If this is a big violation, then the Reggie Bush situation is WW III.

However, today something else has seemed to surface. Two Auburn recruits, who have already signed their LOIs to attend Auburn University, apparently had their grades raised on their high school transcripts. This probably would have been less of a story had Auburn AD Jay Jacobs not found it necessary to provide a statement about this situation.

In the end both situations won’t mean a thing. The transcripts appear to have been changed long before they committed to Auburn. With Saban’s situation it is really nothing at all. Every single coach has probably broken that rule. What is the big story is that these two situations appear to be tied together… at least in a crazy theory brought to you by moi.

Tuberville used to be an assistant coach at Miami, Fl. Patrick Nix, an Auburn alum, is a coordinator down there as well. One could easily make the argument that the Saban recruiting violations could be tied to Auburn. Just go with me on this; a phone call may occur to the Miami football offices that let the staff know that Saban is in South Florida on a recruiting trip. After that possible call, the Miami staff calls a reporter at the Miami Herald who is always willing to get a story about Saban and trouble (since they know it will sell down there). The reporter goes to the high school and asks a already excited high school kid about the meeting and what occurred. Any 18 year old can say almost anything since they are probably pretty excited.

After the story comes out, most people in the UA athletic department are probably pretty unhappy, since they’ve had violation problems in the past. So they decide to help a story leak out about grade changing for AU recruits, since Auburn has had grade issues in the past as well.

This theory was brought to my attention while listening to Paul Finebaum, so don’t think I came up with this by myself.


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