Seriously, who really cares about a Fathead?

Why should I cause my living room area to become cheap looking with a large sticker of LeBron James or Jeff Gordon’s car? I shouldn’t, because the product stinks.

This product does cause me to laugh simply for the fact that almost every example I found via Google showed a fathead sticker in either a small child’s room or in the middle of a metro-sexual living area.


Yeah, that looks real nice


All I know is if I wanted my couch to match the curtains, I should make sure that I have my Shaq fathead up to totally pimp my living space. Or course, I’ll just stick to my picture of Prothro’s catch for now.




2 Responses to “Seriously, who really cares about a Fathead?”

  1. bamahoops Says:

    In lieu of painting my master bedroom I ordered 8 fatheads instead. If I don’t like where they are all I have to do is peel them off and stick them somewhere else. Try doing that with paint!

    I thought everyone had a Chad Johnson grill-smilin’ fathead. Who knew?

  2. tidedruid Says:

    I have to admit, I only became upset with Fathead after having to get rid of my Mike Shula fathead. The shame of it all!!

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