Rammer Jammer Rules

If you have yet to hear the news, it seems that the Rammer Jammer cheer is under review yet again. While I don’t personally think that the cheer will ever be abolished, it is interesting to see the constant scuttlebutt over one simple cheer. Some consider it a great tradition. Others consider it to be a low class gesture by Alabama fans.

I also started to wonder about what the general unwritten rules are for our adored verses. So today I am going to give you a basic layout of what I understand to be the standard RJYH rules:

1. The Rammer Jammer cheer is to be used when Alabama wins (duh)

2. The Rammer Jammer cheer is no longer permissible during pre-game festivities for the band and fans. It is ONLY to be used during the last few minutes of a game (or the very end) when it is obvious that Alabama is going to win.

3. The Rammer Jammer cheer is fair game for other fan bases to sing back to us when they win, if they choose to do so. If we can say “We just beat the Hell outta you!”, it would be very hypocritical for Bama fans to get upset when others chant it.

4. The cheer is much more enjoyable when chanted while intoxicated (or at least with a buzz).

So there you have it, my version of the RJ rules. In the end the Rammer Jammer cheer is like the electoral college; the only people who truly like it are the winners.


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