Please, Stop Talking Don Shula

Every time I hear that Don Shula has opened his mouth again about Nick Saban or Alabama, I lower my head in sadness. Not because he is complaining again, but for the death of the aura of a great coach. All he ever seems to do nowadays is criticize people (or try to sell us diet plans). It just really bugs me that he has yet to get past what occurred in January. I just can’t see him in the same light anymore.

I can understand his displeasure with the University of Alabama, any good parent would feel the exact same way. I wasn’t really that upset when I saw his first ESPN interview since they brought it up. But, as time went on, all Daddy Don did was continue to make himself look like an over-controlling parent that never knows when to keep his nose out of his child’s business.

On a lighter note, it appears that Don Shula may be having some other issues that aren’t being addressed:

“Here’s the ring,” Shula said, pointing to the 1972 Super Bowl ring on his hand.

He doesn’t wear the 1973 ring because it has two diamonds on it that look like eyes looking up at him.

Roll Tide


BTW, Capstone Report has a great post about this. Check it out


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